Used Car Removal


Cost Free Used Car Removals Perth Wide

We know – selling your used car can be stressful and frankly time-consuming. But if you live Perth, you can say goodbye to long winded car sales and hello to a fast and super easy Used Car Removal service thanks to Australian Auto Wreckers!

Used Car Removal

We make getting Cash for Used Cars a walk in the park for Perth residents, and it’s all thanks to our hardworking and experienced Perth Car Removal team.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Free Car Valuation
    Submit your details through our form online or give us a call and we’ll have an offer ready for you can say ‘top dollar!’ After agreeing to Australian Auto Wrecker’s offer, you can then book your appointment with our Car Removal team. Your plates will also have to be removed but we can help with that.
  2. Free Paperwork
    Our team will arrive, bringing all the required paperwork which we will guide you through. All you have to bring is acceptable photo ID and proof of ownership.
  3. Quick Cash for Cars Payment
    After transferring your vehicle to us, we’ll pay you your zinger of a Cash for Cars deal as stated over the phone or online.
  4. Free Car Removals Perth Wide

Finally, in under an hour, your vehicle will be collected by our dynamic Perth tow trucks. Easy as pie!

Get Free Used Car Removals from Any Location in Perth Today

Whether you’d like to Sell Your Used Car from your doorstep or from the side of the street after an accident, you can count on Australian Auto Wreckers to be with you at any time. We have Car Removal Experts and tow trucks located near all major parts in Perth, so we’re never far away. We can even handle larger vehicle such as trucks, buses and multiple cars at once.

Our Free Used Car Removal service is available for you ‘same day’ or whenever you’d like to book us.

If You’re Wondering Which Car Removal Business You Can Trust – Perth Locals Recommend Australian Auto Wreckers

We have a strong work ethic and are dedicated to consistently providing honest deals for Used Cars. Our many happy customers are often surprised by just how much we offer their vehicle – especially vehicles that have seen better days. In addition to an honest service, you can sleep soundly knowing that we are fully licensed, insured and certified, which means that you’re in good hands.

Has Your Used Car Been Damaged Due to Age or Mechanical Fault? We’ll Gladly Buy It with Our ‘Top Cash for Cars’ Service

We buy vehicles from either end of the condition spectrum including:

For Perth’s Top Tier Used Car Removal Business, Choose Australian Auto Wreckers

To receive a free quote contact us at 0455 778 527 or fill out our online form today

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